Using the Product as an Audio System

Sound Bar Quick Guide

Connecting via Bluetooth

You can play music files stored on a Bluetooth device, or run music apps to enjoy the music with this product.

Please check the following first.

  • Bluetooth devices to be connected to the product should meet the following specifications.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Codec: SBC, AAC
  • Steps to connect the device to the product may vary depending on the Bluetooth device type and model. For more information on how to connect the device, please refer to your external device’s user manual.

Select the [Bluetooth] from your smartphone's Settings menu.

Settings menu items may vary depending on your smartphone manufacturer and model.

  1. a Turn on the product.
  2. b Press the Bluetooth pair102280.png button. After a moment, “BT READY” appears on the status display.



  1. c Tap the Settings (87447.png / 87437.png) button on your smartphone and select 102644.pngBluetooth.


(Android Phone)




  1. d Turn on the Bluetooth function. (87464.pngOff > 87455.pngOn)
  2. e You will see a list of connectable devices on your smartphone. Find and tap “LG_Speaker_S95QR_XXXX” or the name you registered on the Google Home app.



  1. f When the product is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth, you will see the status display change from “PAIRED” (Connected) [Connected Bluetooth device name[BT” (Ready to use).
  2. g If you cannot find the product “LG_Speaker_S95QR_XXXX”, tap the Refresh92313.png button at the top right of the screen on the Android smartphone or turn the Bluetooth off and turn it on again on iPhone.


(Android Phone)




  1. h Run a Music app and listen to music on the smartphone.




120299.png Note

  • The closer the Bluetooth device is to the product, the better your connection.
  • If you pressed the Bluetooth pair121295.png button of the product and selected the “BT” option, but could not connect to the Bluetooth device, you will see “BT READY” on the status display. Check the status of the Bluetooth device.
  • When using Bluetooth, you should adjust the volume level to an appropriate level.
  • In the Bluetooth name of this product “LG_Speaker_S95QR_XXXX”, “XXXX” is randomly generated four-digit numbers and alphabets.