Sound Bar Quick Guide

Product Specifications



Bluetooth® specifications



Earbuds: 3.85 V / 51 mAh, Lithium ion

Charging case: 3.7 V / 390 mAh, Lithium ion

Play time

ANC Off: Up to 9 & Up to 29 hours*

ANC On: Up to 5 & Up to 16 hours*

Charging time

Earbuds: within 1 hour/charging case: within 2 hours

Fast charging: can use up to 60 minutes when charging for 5 minutes

  • Wire charging criteria at room temperature

Rated input voltage

Earbuds: 5 V 0 102 mA

Charging case: 5 V 0 500 mA

*The use time may vary depending on the connected smartphone or use functions, settings, signal strength, operation temperature, using frequency band, and other use methods.

Operation temperature

0°C (+32°F) ~ +40°C (+104°F)

Operation humidity

5 % ~ 60 %

Dimensions (inch) / Weight (oz)

Earbud: 0.84” (W) X 1.09” (L) X 0.98” (H) / 0.19 oz (One earbud)

Charging case: 2.15” (W) X 2.15” (L) X 1.16” (H) / 1.39 oz


2402 MHz ~ 2480 MHz

Duration of use may vary depending on the connected mobile device, features being used, settings, signal strength, operating temperature, frequency band, and other methods of use.

This device was tested in compliance with FCC and ISED RF Exposure limit. (0 mm distance from human head/body (limit 1.6 W/kg @ 1g SAR) and extremity (limit 4.0 W/kg @ 10g SAR)).

This device contains licence-exempt transmitter(s)/receiver(s) that comply with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada’s licence exempt RSS(s).

Safety information