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Sound Bar Quick Guide

Charging Case



  1. A Mood light: When you open the charging case, the mood light turns on and off.
  2. B Case charging port: You can charge a device or use Plug and Wireless mode.
  3. C UVnano LED: If you charge the device with the earbuds attached and the cover closed, the UVnano LED operates for 10 minutes.
  4. D Plug and Wireless mode switch: You can connect analog and USB audio devices and the charging case to listen to the sound through the earbuds.
  5. E Battery status indicator (up): You can check the battery status of the earbuds or charging case.
  6. F UVnano indicator (down): The UVnano indicator is blue while the UVnano LED is operating.
  7. G Earbuds charging terminals: You can charge the earbuds by attaching them to the charging case.