Connecting with Bluetooth for Use

Sound Bar Quick Guide

Connecting the Smartphone to Earbuds via Bluetooth

  1. a Turn on the Bluetooth® function of your smartphone or a device you want to connect.
  2. b Open the cover with earbuds attached to the charging case. The blue battery status indicator on the front blinks. If the blue battery status indicator does not blink, or if you want to connect a device other than the one already connected, touch and hold the touch pad of the left or right earbud for 3 - 5 seconds.



  1. c When the Fast Pair connection pop-up appears at the bottom of the smartphone screen, touch the pop-up to connect.
  1. d If the connection pop-up does not show up, select and connect [TONE-T90Q] in the Bluetooth® menu of the smartphone. (For users of iOS or Android 5.0 or lower)


4683.png Note

  • To connect with another device, perform the above procedures again.