Connecting to the TV

Sound Bar Quick Guide

Connecting with an Optical Cable

Transmit your TV’s audio to the product by connecting it to the TV with an optical cable. You can add a variety of 3D effects to the original audio to fill the room with a deep, rich sound.

Watching TV after connecting with an optical cable

  1. a If the digital cable terminal has a cover, first remove the covers from both ends.



  1. b Using an optical cable, connect the OPTICAL IN terminal on the back of the product to the Optical Digital Output (OPTICAL OUT) terminal on the TV as shown in the picture.



  1. c Press the Function87326.png button repeatedly until “OPT/HDMI ARC” appears on the status display.



  1. d Press the Settings button on the TV remote control to enter the [Speaker] menu and set the output speaker to [Optical] or [External Speaker]. Settings and menu items may vary depending on the TV manufacturer.


120427.png Note

  • If the optical input signal and the ARC signal attempt to connect at the same time, the ARC signal will take priority.

When you use an LG TV

You can adjust the volume with the LG TV remote control if the TV is connected to the product with an optical cable. You can only do so on a TV that supports the LG TV Sound Sync function. Check your TV’s user manual to see if your TV is supported.

Functions controllable with an LG TV remote control

Volume, mute on/off


120406.png Note

  • When the TV is properly connected to the product, “LGOPT” will appear on the status display.
  • When using the product with an LG TV remote control, the volume and mute status set on the TV will automatically be applied to the product.
  • You can still use the product’s remote control even after connecting it to an LG TV.
  • To use LG Sound Sync, you may have to change the sound setting of your TV. It may vary depending on the TV.