Exploring the Product

Sound Bar Quick Guide




Power 107734.png

This turns the product on/off.

  • If you press and hold the Power87020.png button for longer than 3 seconds, Wi-Fi will disconnect and the product will no longer emit sound. Press the Power96934.pngbutton quickly to maintain the Wi-Fi connection for future use.

Function 107742.png

Press the button repeatedly to select the desired function or input mode.

  • WI-FI: Connects the product via Wi-Fi
  • BT: Connects the product via Bluetooth
  • OPT/HDMI ARC: Connects the product to a TV that supports an optical cable, ARC, E-ARC, or LG Sound Sync
  • HDMI1: Connects the product to an HDMI IN (1) input port
  • HDMI2: Connects the product to an HDMI IN (2) input port

Volume 107762.png107753.png

Adjusts the sound volume.

Play/Pause 107776.png

This allows you to pause or play music.

Bluetooth pair 107787.png

It allows you to pair your Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to this product for three minutes. ([ See “Connecting via Bluetooth on page 49.)

Wi-Fi 107796.png

It goes to the Wi-Fi function directly.


Built-in microphone

This uses when operating the AI room calibration on LG Sound Bar app.


Remote Control Receiver

This receives wireless signals from the remote control.


Status display

Options such as input mode and volume are displayed in text.

  • The status display can be controlled as auto, on, and off. ([ See “Using Display on page 39.)


120471.png Note

  • To reduce power consumption, the product will automatically turn off after 15 minutes of no input signal from an external device.