Connecting with Bluetooth for Use

Sound Bar Quick Guide

Multiple Connections

If you use the LG TONE Free app, you can connect and use two devices, such as a smartphone and a PC at the same time.

  1. a Please activate Multi-Point & Multi-Paring on the LG TONE Free app.
  2. b Put the earbuds in the charging case and perform the connecting procedures in the same way.
  3. c The existing connection device becomes the “main connection device” and the newly connected device becomes the “auxiliary connection device”.
  4. d You can use the multi-connection function more conveniently in the detailed Multi-Point & Multi-Paring settings.
  5. e Of the two devices, the sound of the device with which you played the content lastly is heard. (When the charging case is connected with a USB-C™ to AUX cable in Plug&Wirelss mode, it changes to the charging case sound when the “main connection device” is not playing or talking.)


3070.png Note

  • When the two devices are connected at the same time, the main function operates based on the “main connection device”.